Solera 8 Años

Auténtica Receta Cubana Familiar

Reddish-gold color and hues with nuances of purple and fire. The nose has a pleasant solera note accentuating vanilla, coconut and dried fruit, as well as a slight hint of sugar cane juice. Well-balanced rum with immense character, the taste is very delicate, soft and leaves you with a lingering note of fine precious woods and resin. Tastes great on the rocks and also blends well with cola, fruit juice, or your favorite mixer as it keeps its oak aroma and fruitful nose with great consistency.



Solera 16 Años

Auténtica Receta Cubana Familiar

The appeal of this rum lies in its clarity, brilliance and extraordinary presence in the glass. Rich gold color with reddish nuances and hues of violet, cherry red and cinnabar. Exotic scent with a clear note of precious woods, but also confectionery with a core of sugar cane molasses. The flavor is harmonious, well balanced, full –bodied and consistent, exuding it’s deep character. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, however some experts use it for cocktails as it maintains its character, scent and aroma.


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